Become a dementia-friendly group

What is a dementia-friendly group?

A dementia-friendly group is any group of people who have committed to applying the dementia-friendly communities guiding principles and to making their group dementia-friendly.

Dementia-friendly groups can be:

Social, sporting, recreational and community groups such as choirs, sports teams, men's sheds, philanthropic groups etc.

Steps to becoming a dementia-friendly group

  1. sign up to be a dementia friend and complete module one of the free online learning
  2. read the dementia-friendly guide
  3. discuss ideas with your group and commit to the guiding principles for dementia-friendly groups
  4. contact your local dementia alliance for advice on making your group dementia-friendly
  5. add your group to the community map
  6. stay involved, review your progress and involve people with dementia in your planning.