Become a dementia-friendly organisation

What is a dementia-friendly organisation?

Dementia-friendly organisations are businesses or other organisations (including local government and community services) that make changes to their operations, procedures and environment to better meet the needs of people with dementia.

Steps to becoming a dementia-friendly organisation

  1. sign up to become a dementia friend and complete module one of the free online learning
  2. read the dementia-friendly business toolkit or the toolkit for local government
  3. get people on-board and ensure the relevant people in your organisation are behind your efforts
  4. let the DFC team know by contacting
  5. work with your local dementia alliance to complete an action plan and submit it to Dementia Australia
  6. your action plan may undergo some revisions before your organisation is recognised as being dementia-friendly
  7. once recognised you will be able to use the dementia-friendly logo, and to promote your organisation as dementia-friendly both locally and on this website
  8. stay involved, review and resubmit your action plan annually