Become a dementia-friendly organisation

What is a dementia-friendly organisation?

Dementia-friendly organisations are businesses or other organisations (including local government and community services) that want to make changes to their operations, procedures and environment to better meet the needs of people with living dementia.

Creating a dementia-friendly organisation will require training, education – and looking at their world through a different lens.

Each dementia-friendly organisation will look different, but may include:

  • Businesses that provide accessible services and train their employees to understand dementia.
  • Employers that provide support for people living with dementia to continue with paid employment.
  • Volunteering opportunities. 
  • Transportation options that are reliable and staffed with people who understand the cognitive deficits associated with dementia.

Why becoming dementia-friendly will help my organisation?

The increasing number of people living with dementia across Australia deserve the highest quality of service and care from organisations. 

Participation in this education and process to become dementia-friendly, demonstrates your commitment to improving the lives of people living with dementia, their families and carers. 

Our community is increasingly aware of dementia-friendly organisations and the necessity to choose organisations committed to extensive staff education to ensure well-being for loved ones living with dementia.

Many communities and organisations have already received recognition for becoming dementia-friendly. 

How to become a recognised dementia-friendly organisation

There are two pathways for organisations to work towards becoming a dementia-friendly organisation.

  1. Organisations can independently develop their own dementia-friendly action plan using the helpful online toolkit and resources available on the Dementia Australia website.
  2. Alternatively, organisations can seek support, consultation and practical assistance from Dementia Australia consultation services to help develop their action plan.  

If you’d like to get involved, here’s what you’ll need to do.

Pathway One: Steps to work towards becoming a dementia-friendly organisation on your own

  1. Plan: Utilise the range of online toolkits Dementia Australia has developed including the Dementia-friendly Business Toolkit, toolkit for local government and the communities toolkit and work with your organisation to put steps in place to become dementia-friendly.
  2. Action: Provide your completed action plan to the Dementia-friendly team, for review and recommendations. The Dementia-friendly team will then confirm Dementia Friendly Recognition.
  3. Raise awareness: You’re doing something fantastic, so make sure your organisation and community knows about it.  Start using the Dementia-friendly logo on your collateral and promote your organisation as dementia-friendly both locally and on the organisation’s website. You could share the news on social media or write a press release for your local newspaper.
  4. Monitor your progress: Remember that being dementia-friendly is an ongoing process, we encourage you to review your plan on a regular basis with your team.

Pathway Two: Seeking support from Dementia Australia to become a dementia-friendly organisation

Dementia Australia’s consulting support services can assist organisations to develop and deliver their action plan to work towards becoming a dementia-friendly organisation. 

To find out more about using Dementia Australia’s consulting services contact the dementia-friendly community team