Cudgen Leagues Club

Photo - from left to right : Staff member Peter Tom, Manager Nathan Kerr, Dementia Action Group members Vicki and Graeme Noonan.

The dementia-friendly certificate was presented to the Cudgen Leagues Club this morning. 

Members of the local Dementia Action Group have commented on the welcoming atmosphere and spacious, well-lit areas within the Club. The spaces lend themselves well to people with physical or cognitive limitations, and the gaming areal is separate from the bar and cafe, and thus not a distraction for people with dementia. Reception staff are warm, welcoming and helpful to members and visitors.

Club Manager has been quick to respond to recommendations about minor adjustments to the physical environment.  Dementia awareness training for staff is planned. Club Management has committed to incorporating dementia-friendly status into the annual strategic plan.

The Club provides a meeting room for the monthly meetings of the Dementia Action Group.

The Cudgen Leagues Club is congratulated on its commitment to providing safe and easy access for people with dementia, and ensuring that they feel welcomed and included in Club activities.