I have dementia. But dementia does not have me.

Dementia Advocate Valarie Schache of Ballina is living with dementia. Here, she shares her thoughts on how to live your best life, beyond diagnosis.

“I have dementia. But dementia does not have me. I am as yet ‘untagged’, in the sense that it still has not been determined which of the 130 types of dementia I actually have. The diagnostic process has been a slow one, particularly as I keep confounding the experts with my cognitive reserves. I suspect I have Alzheimer's 3 Toxic -it mimics Lewy Body and FTDbv. I'm one of a new generation of people living with dementia who are doing so productively, by staying in work for example, and taking steps to remain physically well and socially engaged. This is, in part, thanks to the many support services in place.

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