Lithgow Friends of Dementia

Photo: Left to right; Phil Hazell, Peter James, Clr Cass Coleman, Jeff Thurlow, Kas Hilton, Tim Graner

Article by: Councillor Cassandra Coleman

Friends of Dementia: A well-known Lithgow local has shared his experience of having a life changing diagnosis of younger onset dementia (YOD).  Jeff Thurlow joined Lithgow Councillor Cassandra Coleman at a special lunch on the weekend at the Lithgow Hotel to acknowledge Dementia Awareness Month.  Councillor Coleman said, "This year's theme is "Small actions. Big Difference.' This is about help those local people living with dementia to feel same and supported in their community."

Jeff's support person Kas Hilton attended the special lunch, along with members from a support group Jeff regularly meets with in Western Sydney.  "Jeff and the other support members talked about what dementia means for them in their mid to late fifties," said Councillor Coleman.  "The strategies that each of them and their family members have put in place to ensure they live life to the fullest is inspiring."

Councillor Coleman said, "Council voted to suppport Dementia Awareness Month at out August meeting last month and become a Friend of Dementia to help out community promote understanding, awareness and advocacy of the condition."

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