Small steps for big change in Maldon, Victoria

A central Victorian croquet club has implemented a range of simple measures to create a dementia-friendly environment that benefits all members.

The Maldon Croquet Club was actively seeking to be more inclusive and supportive of all its members, some of whom are people living with dementia and people with disabilities.

They received a $500 grant from the Tarrangower Dementia Alliance, who were looking for local clubs that were interested in making changes to become more dementia friendly.

Maldon Hospital’s Liza Shaw chairs the Tarrangower Dementia Alliance and says that the club’s plan aligns with principles of creating a dementia-friendly community.

“Practical things such as name badges for members and good signage both indoors and outdoors make it easier for people living with dementia to attend,” Ms Shaw said.

“Alliance members, including someone living with dementia, visited Maldon Croquet Club and identified potential changes to improve access. We’re also supporting the club with some finances to make these changes.

“We are pleased the club is being proactive about supporting members living with dementia to continue participating because we know social interaction is important for everyone’s health and wellbeing,” she said.

As part of this dementia-friendly initiative, the club also recently updated their player code of conduct to ensure all members – current and new – are welcomed and included at Maldon Croquet Club.

To celebrate the changes, the club hosted a morning tea for members and the local community. The club was proud to show that small steps made for big change, and that creating inclusive environments can led to breaking down stigmas often associated with dementia and disabilities.

Are you interested in what this could look like in your community?

The first step is to become a Dementia Friend. Find out more at or call the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500.

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