Dementia-friendly communities in action

Dementia Australia is working on a number of pilot dementia-friendly community projects

More information about each pilot can be found below.

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Around Australia

Our First Steps booklet contains some examples of dementia-friendly communities from around Australia.


Cooly police better prepared to help residents with dementia

Photo Source: Queensland Police

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Taking time to be mindful of those with dementia is key during Dementia Awareness Month

TALKING ABOUT DEMENTIA: Philippa Reiss, Judy Bartholomew, Sarah Ashton and Gary Thomas are encouraging everyone to be Dementia friendly. Photo: Laura Telford

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Corryong on its way to becoming a dementia friendly community.

Photo: Carly Tapping

Article by : Tom Mitten, Program Leader, The Centre, your Community College

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I have dementia. But dementia does not have me.

Dementia Advocate Valarie Schache of Ballina is living with dementia. Here, she shares her thoughts on how to live your best life, beyond diagnosis.

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Lithgow Friends of Dementia

Photo: Left to right; Phil Hazell, Peter James, Clr Cass Coleman, Jeff Thurlow, Kas Hilton, Tim Graner

Article by: Councillor Cassandra Coleman

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Council hosts Unforgettable Book Chat as part of dementia-friendly program

PHOTO: On the panel: Port Macquarie Library manager Jim Maguire is participating in the Unforgettable Book Chat on September 11

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