Dementia Friendly Tasmania Incorporated

Dementia Friendly Tasmania Inc (DFT) was formed in the local government area of Kingborough south of Hobart, which includes, Snug, where the group began, Kingston, Woodbridge, Bruny Island etc., categorised as both peri-urban and rural. It is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Tasmania and has a small but significant Dutch community (with churches and school) as well as four aged care homes and the Manor Gardens Day Centre for older persons.

DFT’s aim is to raise community awareness and understanding of dementia and work towards a more inclusive community.

Established in 2016, DFT is run by volunteers, with 8 committee members who have knowledge and experience working with people living with dementia (PLWD) and their family carers and service providers.

DFT fundraised to buy the very first trishaw in Tasmania that is hired out to aged care homes to enable people to safely get out in the fresh air and enjoy their community.

DFT has run education workshops and community events including most recently the Ageing Wonderfully Well expos in Kingston, Kettering and Taroona in 2019 and 2021.

DFT volunteers talk to community groups, politicians and businesses about inclusion of PLWD and also use the acronym CARES, for: -

C – community and compassion

A – awareness and action

R – respect and recognition

E – engage and encourage

S – support and share stories.

DFT now has the participation, on the committee, of at least one person

with lived experience of dementia as she provides her unique perspective to enable better understanding of the condition.


4 Riverstone Close
Snug TAS 7054

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