Indigo Community Dementia Alliance


The Indigo Community Dementia Alliance was formed in January 2021 to continue the work that began in 2014 with the Beechworth dementia-friendly community project.

Our purpose is to improve dementia awareness within the Indigo Shire community and reduce the stigma associated with dementia, enabling people living with dementia to remain actively involved in their community. We aim to build on the existing networks and to extend the reach of the alliance across Indigo Shire in working to become dementia-friendly.

The earlier project was funded through Alzheimer’s Australia from the National Quality Dementia Care Initiative. From this, the Changing Minds Beechworth alliance was formed, as well as the Changing Minds Beechworth carer support group which is still running strong to date.


Beechworth VIC 3747

Contact name
Kate O'Toole