Iona College


Iona College is educating staff and students about dementia. It is linked in with the Brisbane South East Dementia Alliance and its members, John Quinn and Glenys Petrie, who have fostered an ongoing relationship with the school.

Iona is an independent Catholic College for young men within the Archdiocese of Brisbane. Established in 1958, Iona Collage seeks to provide a dynamic Catholic learning community within the Oblate spirit, so that its members are faith filled, resilient, courageous, well balanced and prepared to make a difference.

Iona had developed a year 12 Outreach program that aims to move the students beyond content into a meaningful expression and reflection of faith. In looking at what areas that would be included in this program, Fr Michael Twigg reached out to Dementia Australia about including Dementia Awareness. 


85 North Rd
Lindum QLD 4178

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Fr Michael Twigg
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