Clock for No Time - accessible play

Set in the context of the climate emergency and COVID-19 pandemic, Clock for No Time asks the great existential question: what endures when ‘we’ are ‘gone’? It seeks to answer this question by juxtaposing the brain neuropathologies of Simone, (who has an acquired brain injury) and her father Ian (who has advanced Alzheimer’s disease) and how facing the realities of their conditions in the context of a father-daughter relationship may help Simone find the answer.

Clock For No Time is a genre-busting work about disability, the father daughter relationship and living in a world where it often feels like time is running out.

This play embeds access in both performance and audience-inhabited spaces, as well as being neurodivergent and dementia-friendly.

31/10/21 2:00PM

RUMPUS 100 Sixth Street
bowden SA 5007

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