Dementia friend hosts

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Interested in doing more to raise awareness of dementia?

If you are a Dementia Friend, you may be interested in hosting a Dementia Friends session in your community.

Dementia Australia has tools and resources to support you as a Dementia Friends host.

Who can be a Dementia Friends host?

Dementia Friends hosts are people like you. They want to create accepting and inclusive communities for people living with dementia, their families and carers.

Hosts may be:

  • a person living with dementia
  • a family member or carer
  • community members
  • business owners
  • health professionals.

What is involved in being a host?

Dementia Friends hosts run face-to-face Dementia Friends sessions within their local community. These sessions help others build an understanding of:

  • dementia
  • the challenges faced by people living with dementia
  • what a dementia-friendly community means to people living with dementia
  • how to support people living with dementia to stay connected.

To help you prepare, we will provide you with:

  • a Dementia Friends DIY kit, containing the tools and resources you need
  • an induction session for new hosts
  • a quarterly online support forum where you can meet and share experiences with other hosts.

As a Dementia Friends host, you need to be comfortable speaking to groups of people. You also need to be able to use technology to share videos with your audience.

You can run Dementia Friends sessions for organisations and groups in your community. At times, we may also ask you to run a session for an organisation or group in your area who have asked for one.

How do I get involved?

Details coming soon. Watch this space!