Inclusive groups

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Are you a coordinator, facilitator or a member of a community group?

Even if you don’t have a formal action plan, small, everyday actions, like becoming a Dementia Friend, can make a big difference to people living with dementia, their families and carers. They can help create a more inclusive community and mean you can be a more inclusive group.

What is the difference between an inclusive group and a dementia-friendly organisation?

A dementia-friendly organisation has been formally recognised by Dementia Australia.

The organisation must prepare and submit an action plan. This plan outlines the practical changes being made to better meet the needs of people living with dementia. They report back on their progress towards achieving their planned goals.

An inclusive group, on the other hand, does not need to go through this process. Once all group members have acted on a commitment to become Dementia Friends, your inclusive group can be listed on the online community directory.

These groups do not have action plans and they don’t receive official recognition by Dementia Australia as ‘working towards becoming dementia-friendly’.

Become an inclusive group

The Dementia-Friendly Communities program has tools and resources to support your inclusive group.

The program:

  • builds your understanding of dementia
  • teaches you how to better communicate with people living with dementia.

Step 1: Sign up as a Dementia Friend and encourage others in your group to do the same.

Step 2: When everyone in your group has become a Dementia Friend, click the ‘My Ggoups’ tile and apply to add your group to the online community directory.

We will get in touch to confirm your listing.

Step 3: Once you’ve become an inclusive group, you may want to:

  • ask your friends and family to become Dementia Friends
  • raise awareness by becoming a Dementia Friends host
  • make your community group more inclusive. Contact your local dementia alliance. Find out what dementia-friendly work is happening in your community. Or you can encourage others to join with you to create a dementia alliance.