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Supporting and Accommodating People with Dementia at Professional Conferences and Other Events

A Dementia Alliance International publication - Because members of Dementia Alliance International (DAI) have a unique perspective on conferences we decided to assemble responses from post-event informal email surveys of the past four years to see how people with dementia and care partners feel about the access, support, and enablement provided at professional meetings of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) and other conferences or events.

Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre

Clinical practice guidelines and principles of care for people with dementia in Australia developed by the NHMRC Partnership Centre for Dealing with Cognitive and Related Functional Decline in Older People (the Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre or CDPC) delivers excellence in research and knowledge exchange for the purpose of improving health and health care in regard to cognitive and related functional decline in older people.


A toolkit for local government

Creating dementia-friendly communities: a toolkit for local government.

This toolkit provides information, resources and guidance for building on existing infrastructure, systems and services in order to make communities more inclusive.

The content reflects the lessons learned from dementia-friendly initiatives across Australia and draws on international experience.

A consumer's story - Maxine

Executive summary