Businesses & organisations

Making it dementia-friendly

The booklet is a guide to assess a venue for use for people living with dementia and other disabilities.

Author: Dennis Frost, Southern Dementia Advisory Group/Dementia Australia DFC Dementia Advisory Group.

Topics include:

  • Why assess your venue?
  • Challenges people living with dementia may face
  • Assessing a venue
  • Making changes

Environmental Design Resources

The goal of this collection of resources is to support those who wish to improve environments for people with dementia. The resources introduce the reader to a systematic way of looking at the built environment and provide a number of tools that guide the user to an understanding of what needs to be changed, and how the change might be accomplished.

Adapting Your Home - Help sheet

The physical environment can have a major impact on a person living with dementia. This Help Sheet produced by Dementia Australia provides information for families and carers on how to create a dementia-friendly environment that maximises the wellbeing of people living with dementia at home and increases their participation in activities.