Children's Book - Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge

YouTube video of the children’s book ‘Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge’ author Mem Fox. Read by Bradley Whitford. 

Wilfrid lives next to a retirement home, and his favorite old person is 96-year-old Miss Nancy. Everyone says Miss Nancy has lost her memory, and despite the fact that Wilfrid doesn't even know what a memory is, by accident he helps her find it. 

Read this as a springboard for a discussion about memories, family members, neighbours/friends, and all that 5 year olds talk about.


Adapting Your Home - Help sheet

The physical environment can have a major impact on a person living with dementia. This Help Sheet produced by Dementia Australia provides information for families and carers on how to create a dementia-friendly environment that maximises the wellbeing of people living with dementia at home and increases their participation in activities.

Environmental Assessment Tools for the Evaluation of Australian Residential Facilities

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