Services available for people with younger onset dementia

Information about services for people living with younger onset dementia.  The task of living with or caring for someone with younger onset dementia can be difficult, and at times overwhelming. However, there are a number of organisations that provide services to support both the person living with dementia and their carers to continue caring for the person with dementia at home.


A Guide through the Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal

This airport user guide has been developed by the Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration, Queensland University of Technology as part of an Australian Government initiative.

This guide aims to help make travel as simple and enjoyable as possible for people living with dementia and their travel companions. It takes the reader from planning their journey and getting to the airport, through to the departure gate and returning safely home again.

Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre

Clinical practice guidelines and principles of care for people with dementia in Australia developed by the NHMRC Partnership Centre for Dealing with Cognitive and Related Functional Decline in Older People (the Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre or CDPC) delivers excellence in research and knowledge exchange for the purpose of improving health and health care in regard to cognitive and related functional decline in older people.


Travelling and Holidays with Dementia

Travelling and going on holiday plays an important role in many of our lives. Although living with dementia can make holidays more complex, it doesn’t necessarily mean these plans need to be put aside.

This guide has been developed by Alzheimer’s Australia for people with dementia, their families, carers and friends, as well as for health professionals.