Start a dementia alliance

What is a dementia alliance?

A dementia alliance is a group of people who are interested in helping to make their community or town more dementia-friendly.

Dementia alliances are listed on our community map, and are marked as either a ‘recognised’ dementia alliance or a ‘developing’ dementia alliance

A recognised dementia alliance is one that has submitted an action plan, which has been reviewed and approved by the dementia-friendly team. The action plan will provide detail on how the alliance will make their local community dementia-friendly. 

A recognised dementia alliance will receive ‘working towards dementia-friendly’ status and be listed on the community map as a recognised dementia alliance.

Each dementia alliance will be unique and reflect their community, the aims of the dementia alliance, and who is involved.

A recognised dementia alliance must include:

  • people living with dementia, alongside care partners and family members of people living with dementia, and 
  • a designated contact or coordinator. 

A recognised dementia alliance can also include:

  • local business owners, managers or staff
  • local community group members
  • service providers
  • members of the local council, or
  • any other interested person.

A developing dementia alliance is an alliance that is still relatively new and working on developing their action plan. 

To see if a dementia alliance operates in your local area, please take a look at the community map.


Want to set up your own dementia alliance?

  1. Become a Dementia Friend
  2. Read the ‘Creating Dementia-Friendly Communities Toolkit’
  3. Invite others to join you
  4. Organise a meeting to discuss what the alliance wants to achieve
  5. Complete an action plan (a template is within the toolkit) and submit it to the dementia-friendly team for approval. 
  6. Once your action plan is formally approved by the dementia-friendly team you will receive ‘working towards dementia-friendly’ status and be added to the community map as a recognised dementia alliance.
  7. Begin to implement your action plan and promote your activities through local media and/or community events as appropriate. 
  8. Review your progress annually and send the dementia-friendly team an updated action plan each year.


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