Start a dementia alliance

What is a dementia alliance?

A dementia alliance is made up of people in the community who are interested in helping to make their community or town more dementia-friendly.

An alliance must include:

  • people with dementia alongside the carers and family members of people with dementia
  • a designated contact person

An alliance can also include:

  • members of your local council and business owners

Steps to forming a dementia alliance

  1. sign up to be a dementia friend and complete module one of the free online learning
  2. read the dementia-friendly community toolkit
  3. find people who are interested in helping you
  4. organise a meeting
  5. prepare an action plan
  6. add your dementia alliance to the community map
  7. get feedback and adjust your action plan over time

Once your dementia alliance has been established you can begin building a dementia-friendly community.