What is a dementia-friendly community?

A dementia-friendly community is a place where people living with dementia are supported to live a high quality of life with meaning, purpose and value.

The majority of people with dementia live in the community.

Often people feel socially isolated and wish they had more opportunities to interact with people in the community and to participate in social or other activities. 

With the support of their employer, community, local businesses and organisations, neighbours, and friends and family members, people with dementia can continue to do many of the things they did before they received a diagnosis.

How does a dementia-friendly community benefit people with dementia?

Dementia-friendly communities encourage organisations, businesses, community groups and individuals to make practical changes that will have a positive impact on the lives of people living with dementia and their carers.

In a dementia-friendly community:

  • people are aware of and understand dementia
  • people with dementia continue to be active participants in their own lives
  • health staff are educated about dementia and treat people living with dementia with respect and empathy
  • businesses provide accessible services to people with dementia, including having staff who understand dementia and know how to communicate effectively
  • employers provide support for people living with the disabilities of dementia to continue with paid employment
  • the physical environment enables people with dementia to get out and about safely
  • social groups and organisations are welcoming and inclusive of members with dementia

Dementia-friendly communities in action

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