About us

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The Dementia-Friendly Communities program is an initiative of Dementia Australia. It is funded by the Commonwealth Government of Australia.

Dementia Australia represents the more than 400,000 Australians living with dementia and the almost 1.5 million people involved in their care. We advocate for the needs of people living with all types of dementia, and for their families and carers. We also provide support services, education and information.

For more information about Dementia Australia, please visit dementia.org.au.

For more information about the Dementia-Friendly Communities program, please contact us at dementiafriendly@dementia.org.au.

Our purpose

The Dementia-Friendly Communities program aims to address the stigma, isolation and discrimination experienced by many people living with dementia. We do this through the development of inclusive communities that enable people living with dementia to live well.  

Our goals

To support the development of local dementia alliances across Australia. We will support these alliances to lead the local development of dementia-friendly communities.

To provide grant funding to local demonstration projects. We will support these projects to encourage other community-led action across Australia.

To help community organisations and businesses be more inclusive of people living with dementia. We will formally recognise the work of these organisations in creating change.

What does a dementia-friendly community do?

Involves people living with dementia.

Challenges discrimination and builds an understanding of dementia.

✔ Supports accessible community activities for people living with dementia.

Acknowledges the potential of people living with dementia.

Engages people living with dementia, and their carers, in community life.

Offers community-based solutions to enable people to live independently. 

Promotes easy-to-navigate environments.

Enables accessible and responsive businesses and services.

Ready to make a change? It is easy to get involved.

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