Dementia-friendly communities

Inclusive suburbs or towns where people living with dementia are able to continue living the life they choose.

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Work together to create change

The majority of people with dementia live in a community. But many communities don’t really understand what dementia is or how it can affect someone. This may lead to people living with dementia, their families and carers feeling socially isolated.

The good news is that with the support of their communities, people living with dementia can continue to live the life they choose. They can continue to engage in the activities that are important to them.

What is a dementia-friendly community?

In a dementia-friendly community people have an understanding of dementia. They raise awareness of the needs of people living with dementia in the community.

Local community groups, organisations and businesses make simple changes to enable people living with dementia to access their services.

Organisations or communities make sure the built environment incorporates accessible signage, lighting and building design.

People in the community come together as a dementia alliance to create a more inclusive and welcoming place for everyone to live. These alliances could include:

  • ​​​​​​people living with dementia
  • family and carers
  • small businesses
  • aged care providers local council.