Beyond Bank ACT

Beyond Bank recently celebrated becoming a dementia-friendly bank and other community success.

Beyond Bank Australia is one of the nation’s largest customer-owned banks with more than 200,000 members and assets of around $5 billion under management.

Yet despite its size, it proudly retains very close links to its local communities and it is through these connections that it has become aware of the need to support people living with dementia.

A major difficulty faced by people with dementia is dealing with money. Confusion counting cash, remembering pin numbers and account details can be very challenging.

Yet, at the same time, banking is something that we all like to retain responsibility for, and our financial freedom and independence is extremely important, particularly as we age.

We also know that many people still prefer the branch experience rather than using the internet or telephone banking, meaning Beyond Bank Australia is keen to ensure a visit to a Beyond Bank branch is as welcoming and friendly as possible.

The bank will be working with staff on a range of dementia-friendly initiatives, designed to make life that little bit easier for those people living with the challenges of dementia.